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What is Blend X Technology?

The best method of laser hair removal

We use one of the most innovative methods, the Alexandrite & Nd: YAG laser hair removal workstation Powered by BLEND X technology.

SPLENDOR X is unlike any other hair removal system in the world. It is the first Nd: YAG and Alexandrite laser system powered by BLEND X™ technology for unprecedented power, speed, versatility, and coverage rate.

It uses a square technology that assures full coverage of the treatment area and a cooling system that directs cool air with precision over the treated area, ensuring comfort and safety. Then it projects a light attracted by the hair’s pigment, removing the hair and eliminating the need for retouches.


BLEND X technology: Bilateral laser emission of Nd: YAG (1064nm) and Alexandrite (755nm) wavelengths, synchronized and adjustable proportions.

Square shape spot size: For uniform skin coverage, eliminating overlap and hotspots. Up to 27x27mm.
Fast treatments: Large spot size and rapid repetition rate.

Treatment versatility and skin solutions: Wrinkle reduction, vascular and pigmented lesions.


SPLENDOR X from Lumenis is powered by BLEND X Technology — a binary laser emission of Nd: YAG (1064nm) and Alexandrite (755nm) wavelengths with synchronized and adjustable proportions.
The system lets practitioners customize hair removal and skin treatments across a wide range of skin tones like never before. Choose the optimal wavelength to maximize efficacy and comfort for laser hair removal, pigmented and vascular lesion treatment, and wrinkle reduction, regardless of the patient’s skin type. At 250W output power, SPLENDOR X provides a rapid coverage rate, combining high fluence, large spot size, and high repetition rate.